Dress Code & Uniforms

I think it’s absolutely dumb that us high school students getting ready to be done with school have to follow or even have a dress code! It’s 100% understandable that elementary and middle school students have dress codes because they’re younger than us and shouldn’t be exposing themselves at such a young age. I understand the fact that they want us to cover our genital areas but having our backs, shoulders or even a little bra strap showing shouldn’t be a problem in the high school level. Most of us know how to dress ourselves. It’s very stupid that the principles here make us change our entire wardrobe if it doesn’t suit their wants. They should only make us change if our butts are hanging out of our shorts, or if you can see our bras through our shirts. I mean come on now we’re all going to be done with high school in a couple months, becoming young adults that don’t have to follow a dress code in life. So why get us hooked up on it? If we’re comfortable with the way we look or are dressed is all that should matter.


Because of this, our parents and some teachers think it’s a great idea for us to just have school uniforms to decrease the dress code rules. I personally think having school uniforms is the dumbest thing anyone could have came up with. Having school uniforms doesn’t allow us students to express ourselves with most of the clothing we have, because we all will look the same and also be wearing the same exact outfit every single day. That would definitely start to get old. If anyone had to get uniforms i feel it should start at the elementary and middle school level, to keep the students from showing too much of their bodies to other students that may be around them. 

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