Who here likes school lunches?? You and i both know nobody likes them. I know for a fact i’m absolutely fed up with the “lunches” we are now getting. They are DISGUSTING!! I feel us seniors should be able to have open lunches if our grades are good . I honestly don’t know why we haven’t yet gotten the opportunity to have open lunches. When our parents were in high school, they were able to go anywhere they wanted for lunch. The only rule they had was a time they would have to be back at school, ready for their next class. Why can’t we get the chance to have the same rules they did? Ever since last year our school lunches have gotten worse. We get smaller portions and it’s nasty. How is this food going to fill us up? Exactly its NOT! Students are not getting the energy they need from these horrible lunches. I can honestly say the only time we ever “get food” or have anything “good” to eat for lunch is on special holidays. Some of us don’t have the money or parents to pack us delicious looking lunches for school everyday. Micheal Obama thinks she is making our school lunch healthier by decreasing the amount of food we get and not giving us salts. She thinks while being in school, we need to have a certain amount of calories a day. I feel that the amount of food we get now in nowhere near the amount of calories that are necessary for us high school students. I know for a fact if our lunch ladies would actually eat what we do for lunch, they would all more than likely say some of the same stuff i’m saying now.

images 3

Yes, i understand having big portions of food can be the cause of many obese students around the world, but decreasing our lunches is not going to solve that problem. Much of the obesity is caused by students eating fatty foods outside of school and not getting the recommended daily amount of exercise. Obese people are the excuse of america. Their laziness is the result of what they weigh. If obese people really had a problem with being fat they should do something about it. People that are obese could easily maintain their weight by exercising and keeping track of their calories and fatty foods taken in. Obese people should not be the reason for high school students having to have smaller amount of food portions.


3 thoughts on “FED UP !

  1. I completely agree with this! Many kids in school starve themselves because they don’t like the food from here anymore so they just wait to get home to eat real food. So I believe we should be able to go out and get something we want or the should fix lunches here !


  2. Ugh! I totally agree. The schools lunch is pretty gross. Plus now that were getting small portions or getting rid of some food at school. Either way, the school lunch is gross and they need to improve their cooking.


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