Lady Skins

“Everything you practice whether it be on the court or in the gym, it’s all helping you take the next step to success.” -Adrianna Proulx

varsity13-14 4 years! This year happens to be my fourth and final year playing basketball for Goshen High School and with these girls. I can honestly say I’m going to miss our team dinners and little activities we do together, and most importantly I’m going to miss the girls like crazy. Over the years we have began to notice we are more than just a team. We are a family! We will always be here for one another cheering each other one through better or worse, wins and losses. During practices we strive the be the best we can be working on the weaknesses each individuals have, to help us not only get better but to also prepare us for the beginning and the end of our season. Most of us say the worst part about practices is the conditioning work outs our coaches have planned for us. Just keep in mind motivation is the key to getting better.

images (2)Some of us tend to think our coaches have favorites and play girls “they like best” when it comes to basketball. If any of you have been to a girls basketball game before you should notice our coaches definitely do not have favorites and  treat all of us the same. They remind us all the time that they play the girls they think have gave it there 100% best in practice and is willing to help the five players already on the floor win the game. On the other hand, the girls that are complaining to the coaches about not getting many quarters or playing time are the ones that never pay attention and think it’s okay for them to talk to teammates around them when a coach is trying to give instructions, thinking they are better than everyone else and think practices are nothing but a joke to them. If you ask me, I personally think we have the best coaches anyone girls High School basketball team could ask for.



“I don’t complain about playing time, my job is to play so well the coach can’t sit me.” -Shane Battier


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