page I can honestly say this is my favorite store at Concord Mall! If I could, I would spend every weekend going to the mall just to go inside Claire’s to spend money on the accessories. What can I say, I guess I’m what most people call a “girly girl.” Yes some things are very expensive at times, but look at it this way, there are always descent sales taking place at this store. The best time to go to Claire’s is basically at the beginning of every month when they are having their huge blowout sale. You will find a $30 purse on sale for $5, glue on nails that are originally $15 for $6 or 2 pairs for $9 and earrings that are buy 2 get 1 free or buy 3 get 2 free. Another time you will catch Claire’s having a big sale is after major Holidays. This would be a perfect time to go out and buy items/accessories that can be used or given as a gift at cheap prices.

images What I like purchasing the most from Claire’s would have to be their purses and wallets. These accessories vary from colors to sizes and types. What I see people buying most of when I’m in Claire’s is the over the shoulder purses. I rarely ever see people walking out of Claire’s with clutches, totes, backpacks or lunch-ware. From what I see when I’m in Claire’s, I’m guessing the over the shoulder purses are the most popular. On the other hand they only have three types of wallets. A change bag, a phone case/wallet and a hard back wallet. What I personally like to purchase is the phone wallets. I feel like those are better because it protects your phone and holds not only your credit cards but money as well. If you haven’t yet tried a wallet like this you are missing out. It gives you one less thing to carry around because it can replace your purse.

images (3)(phone case/wallet)


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