One More Day !

To all the student athletes here at Goshen High School, don’t you think it would be a splendid idea for our teachers to give us one extra day to get our homework and assignments done and turned in? I feel that teachers should be lenient on giving homework to students involved in sports. We all have had those types of practices where we’re held or stuck here at school for a while practicing and trying our best to get better. As athletes we take time out of our night/family time to be involved in school activities, to either get better at it, or make our school somewhat look good for the things we have achieved as a team or an individual. Us High School athletes attend practice every day and work extremely hard to help better prepare us for big games. Because of this, our energy is drained. None of us want to stay up later than we have to just to get homework done. Many of us struggle trying to balance schoolwork with our athletics. For instance, if a students athlete doesn’t get their homework done that was supposed to be due the day after a long practice or big game, we get punished for it which will sometimes effect our playing time. I’m not saying student athletes should not have homework at all, they should just be able to have a day extended to turn things in. If this doesn’t work out, teachers should invest in free homework passes for students athletes which would get us out of one assignment a week. This would be totally worth it and the best thing Goshen High School would have ever came done for us!



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