Welcome to the world of diving!


“Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.” -Hellen Keller



The picture above happens to be the front and back side of my scuba diving certification card. How can you get certified you may ask. Well the time, days and hours depends on you. If you’re a quick learner and have a lot of time on your hands as I do, it should take no more than 4 days to get your pool training and open water dives done. But that’s not it. Other than the training course, there are two other parts to getting certified. Book work and written exams. After the written  exams and book work, your instructor will say if he/she thinks you’re ready to begin the certification process, you will travel to the YMCA where you will begin your pool training. After that is complete and your instructor thinks you are ready to move on, they will ask you when you’d like to complete your open water dives, which is totally up to you. Once you’re ready for your two open water dives, you and your instructor will travel to a lake and complete them there. The two lake dives are for you to demonstrate the skills you’ve learned for your instructor under the kinds of conditions you will be diving in after getting your certification. If you’re wondering what else you’ll be doing during these dives keep reading  and you’ll find a list below.

– Swim 200 yards with one breath

– Tread water for 10 minutes

– Equalizing your ears

– Turning your oxygen tank on and off

– Reading your pressure gauge

– Using your compass

– Taking your mask off, putting it back on

– Taking your BCD off, putting it back on

– Getting the right amount of weight for your weight belt

– Using the correct amount of weight in your BCD pockets to help you properly sink

– Proper way to jump in the water with your equipment on

– The right way to put flippers on

– Making sure your regulator works

– How to hook your tank, and oxygen cord to your BCD

– Helping your partner put their BCD on

– Letting all the water/air out of your BCD when your dive is complete


(how to jump in the lake/ocean with all your equipment on)

People may think getting certified to scuba dive is something simple or a waste of time, but it’s really not. Being a certified scuba diver is actually pretty cool, not many people can say they’re certified to dive whenever they want. There is a HUGE variety of creatures you’ll see that you may not have known existed. Diving is something you need to take very serious. If you’re the type of person that screws around when it’s time to be serious, thinks you don’t have to follow directions, or can do things on your own, this isn’t an activity you want to be getting certified for. Believe it or not, being a scuba diver can be putting your life at risk. One wrong move could end your life for good.




*My next blog will talk more with you about the diving equipment and how it works*


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